Download and Read Online Sex Guide For Women Book

Download and Read Online Sex Guide For Women Book

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Sex Guide For Women

Author : More Sex More Fun Book Club Publisher : Unknown Release : 2020-11-19 Category : Uncategorized ISBN : 9198604856

Book Sex Guide For Women Description/Summary:

When was the last time you had good sex? Most of us have busy lives. That means no time or energy for sex, no time to work on our intimate relationship, and no time to try to fix these things before it’s too late. That, combined with the increasing pressure to be the perfect person, not showing too much sexual appetite but not too little is a delicate balance. We are sexual creatures by nature, we need intimate relationships to be happy and healthy, and we (definitely women) deserve to have a rocking sex life. In this book, you learn: A Brief History of Women’s Sexuality Understanding What a Woman Wants Improving Intimacy Improving Your Relationship Going Beyond the Bedroom Passion Boosting Sex Positions Alternative Sexual Experiences And much more! How long can you wait before you have that good sex again?

Sex Guide for Women

Author : More Sex More Fun Book Club Publisher : Unknown Release : 2020-06-20 Category : Uncategorized ISBN : 9198604864

Book Sex Guide for Women Description/Summary:

You daydream about sex. All you want to do is fuck your man’s brains out. Work, stress and tiredness almost ruined your sexlife lately. You know it’s possible to get back on track as soon as you start talking. If so, you’ve come to the right place. Experience amazing sex mentally, physically and emotionally! Have you ever wondered why you have a hard time getting your man to open up to you, sexually, mentally, and physically? Do you wonder what the world looks like from inside the male mind and long to figure out how to make your man the happiest male on the planet? We have the secrets you need to find success with the less-fair sex. We can help you get into your man’s mind mentally, by explaining how the male mind works differently from the female mind.

We’ve interviewed hundreds of men and also read scientific texts in order to explain what men think about sex and how to help you think like a man (or at least understand how your man thinks). The biggest sex organ of all is the brain, after all! We will also help you learn how to communicate directly with your man; many problems in relationships stem from a lack of efficient communication. Did you know that this is largely because men and women process information differently and in term express it differently? This ebook will explain to you how and why this happens, and what you can do to avoid it! We also have done a considerable amount of research on the emotions of men, and how they are both similar and different to a woman’s emotions.

Once you understand your man’s mental profile, you’ll be able to communicate with him more effectively and in terms and language that he will understand. Once you understand how to emotionally communicate with a man, you’ll find that many of your communication problems will disappear. Once you create an environment of safety in your relationship, you’ll find that figuring out what your man needs is easier than ever. With this ebook, you’ll find that understanding your man’s emotions is much easier than you ever thought – you may even surprise him! Finally, we’ll also talk about the actual physicality of sex. A lot of people end up in a rut with their sex lives, and this can spell the death of relationships. From kinks to anal, we’ve got the information you need to ensure that your sex life remains spicy and healthy.

The key to a healthy relationship with most men is a great sex life, and we can hand you the tools to make that happen. Whether you prefer soft, sweet vanilla sex or if you like things with a few more whips and chains, we have the strategy for you. Our ebook can help refresh your bedroom life. With Sex Guide For Women: F*ck Him Beyond his Wildest Dreams – Mentally, Physically and Emotionally, you’ll have the information you need to have the mental, physical and emotional relationship with your man that you deserve. Whether you are out there looking for your perfect partner or if you’re simply trying to make your current relationship the best that it can possibly be, we’re here for you to make it happen.

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