Armands Category was pressing unlawful fees against for a loan We never realized I got taken out back in 2011

Armands Category was pressing unlawful fees against for a loan We never realized I got taken out back in 2011

Armands Classification would be filing a match up against me personally and your can rattled off my personal public cover matter, earlier in the day address and you can email address while the lender [account] I had which was finalized for more than 3 years

On , we received these allegations against St. Armands Group: “I just received a call from an Officer Morgan stating that St. His call back number is 844-695-5368. I’ve never been in trouble with the law or had any legal problems in my life. This is just outrageous and stressful because I am threatened with jail time if I do not settle this so called debt with all of you [an unknown entity].” Editor’s Note: Please do not confuse us with this entity. We are NOT related to this entity in any way, shape or form.

Anyway We decided to go to my personal California title loans financial and got my personal comments to prove I did not has actually financing when you look at the August but I did into the November and it is already been paid down Having Interest

On , we received these allegations against St Armands Group LLC: “I received a call from a company named NLS Legal from 1-844-223-0671. Her name was Kathy Johnson. She left a voicemail on my cell phone stating I needed to call her by the end of business day to avoid legal action on bank fraud. Said it would be signed over to my county court for action if I did not settle voluntarily. When I got out of work and called her she stated her client St. Mind you when I started questioning her about the company and contact info she said she did not have a phone number for me to contact them. Weird! The loan was supposedly for $300 but they wanted almost $3000 when I said I wasn’t going to pay that she said well if you settle today they will drop it down to $825 and will take half today and the other half in 2 weeks. Not to mention this was supposed to have happened in 2011. I have not gotten a phone call, email, or a piece of postal mail from either company until today. It took you [them] 3 and a half years? Really? Yeah you [they] will not be getting a dime from me now or ever. I filed a complaint with the FTC as well. Federal Trade Commission. Tons and tons of complaints!” Editor’s Note: We are NOT related to St Armands Group LLC in any way.

Accusations received with the : “We providing [expletive got rid of] of. I keep taking phone calls out-of lawyers or any sort of for a financial loan that is paid down. Today they are trying to state I had financing till the almost every other financing that has been paid down already! If i owed [them] why should [they] bring me personally some other loan. They need to leave me alone. Why is it you cannot come across a phone number in their eyes?”

To your , we gotten this type of accusations up against St Armands: “Grabbed aside financing having $300. Made multiple costs. Named these to try and pay off the thing that was remaining. They quit responding my personal phone calls and you may sent zero letters. 8 weeks afterwards they do say We are obligated to pay $750 and you may threaten me that have lawsuit.”

Into , i gotten such accusations facing St. Armands Group: “Was indeed harassed [by] Maxine claiming which i owe money. Her matter is actually 313-986-2001 she refuses to bring any pointers and states I can be thrown during the jail. She’s got [called non stop], harassed me personally rather than given people advice for what this is certainly to own.”

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